Message from Focused on Learning Ltd

We’ve had to turn off the APSW website as we are decommissioning the server it is currently hosted on. It’s our server and the APSW website is now the only one on it so we can’t justify keeping the server that is costing us money for yet another year.

We’ve paid for the APSW development, content development, website hosting costs and domain name registration costs since 2014 - but there appears to be absolutely no interest from anyone in APSW to keep the website running. In fact, we got an email from one of their elected Officers on 4th March 2016, instructing us to cease tweeting and adding content to the website (even though we had been the only ones doing that since 2014). From that date, the website has not been updated by anyone and no one has been tweeting from the APSW twitter account either. A shame really, given the online profile that had been built up and the importance of the work of the Association.

No one is responding to our emails and we’ve not heard from anyone at APSW since 4th March 2016 so we’ve reluctantly taken the decision to turn off the website. Hopefully this rather draconian acton will make someone respond. We have a full backup of the site ready to transfer to anyone who needs it. Payment for 3 year’s hosting of the website, and 3 years registration of the domain name is due.

Focused on Learning Ltd is a training and consultancy company that specialises in social care and health - but we are not a charity. Regrettably, we have neither the time nor the money to underwrite organisations who are not willing to take responsibility for their own website and communications.
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